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NATURAL TEXTURE is a system reconstructive and support system which does not affect the hair structure. It does not contain glycolic acid or ammonia, but CISTEAMINA HCIa protein compound similar to the internal structure of the hair. The product scans the hair porosity and deposits proteins exactly where they are needed, from root to end. The curls will look natural and the hair will remain bright.

* Data on the care of permanent hair will be offered by our stylist after completing the process.

Prices displayed do not include washing and styling services.

Short Hair170 RON (up to 15 cm long)
Medium hair220 RON (up to 30 cm long)
Long hair 300 RON (up to 49 cm long)
Very Long Hair 400 RON (more than 49 cm long)
Permanent volume treatment at the root BOOST UP250 RON

Permanent volume treatment at the root BOOST UP  

Volume hair has always been a desideratum of feminine beauty, there are many tricks to use, but having the disadvantage of the short-term effect.

That's why the salon GaalHairplay bring for you Boost Up, an innovative technique from Russia, which gives the hair volume from the root, which is kept for a period of up to 6 months.

At the beginning of this procedure, the special content called Boost Up is applied only on the hair roots, without touching the scalp, and the volume level can be chosen together with the stylist - natural, visible or "lion's mane".

The composition does not contain harmful components, but is very nutritious. The procedure itself is based on bio-waves of volume with the use of cysteamine - the most active component. This amino acid, mixed with keratin, helps to restructure the hair without damaging it. Cysteamine does not contains ammonia, has a low pH, but includes in its component a very effective extract, namely propolis extract, which prevents irritation of the scalp.

If the hair is heavy, without volume, then cysteamine offers an ideal method for maintaining hair. The effect of this biphasic product preserves the hair structure, improves and stabilizes the pH level. All the components used in this process come into contact with each other, so that the hair gets a flexible protective filter. It preserves the elasticity and internal structure of the hair, being recommended for both normal and damaged hair.

After the procedure, you can style your hair just by drying it with the hair dryer, and the resistance of the hair styling increases.

The problem of oily hair it can be solved because daily washing is no longer necessary, and it becomes more obedient and easier to arrange.

For thin hair, this volume improves the effect of the haircut and the shape of the hairstyle, the hair can be wavy and dyed even on the same day. If it rains, the volume will remain.

The volume lasts between 3 and 6 months and the care ritual is very simple: after washing, the hair should be dried upside down, in order to preserve the effect as much as possible. In the root area, if you touch it with your fingertips, it will feel like a light down, this being the effect of the technique, but which can be easily corrected with fixative solutions. The length of the hair itself is not reached, it remains straight, therefore it can be styled in any shape.