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Prices and Services

Professional Make-up

Make-up emphasises your beautiful features, by highlighting your eyes, your lips or your cheekbones, corrects imperfections and lasts throughout the event.You can choose from a variety of make-up styles: SMOKEY EYES, CUT CREASE, CAT EYE, PIN-Up, or a Glamourous, dramatic or trendy make-up. Whatever you choose, our make-up artist will give you useful tips in choosing the right make-up for your physiognomy.

Price: RON 360

* you get RON 60 discount from the Make-up session if you do your hair at our salon

Bridal make-up

It takes about one hour and a half, and all you need to do is enjoy this moment of relaxation. We use top-quality professional products, such as: M.A.C. Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay, Ben Nye, Illamasqua, Chanel, Dior, Mehron, Kyolan, Inglot, etc.Our bridal make-up services include:
  • Make-up tailored to your personality;
  • Professional and hypoallergenic products;
  • A large range of bridal make-up styles for you to choose;
  • Personalised advice for your skin care before the event;
  • Make-up fixer so that your make-up lasts tne entire event.

Price: RON 450

Bridal make-up test

Choosing the bridal make-up is almost as important as choosing the wedding dress. Bridal make-up test is necessary so that you get the perfect look on the most important day of your life. During the first meeting we will discuss all the details of the wedding; this will help us to get an idea of how you want to look on your wedding day and we will recommend and apply several make-up styles to highlight your features. This will also help avoiding any possible inconvenience on the big day. We recommend scheduling the make-up test maximum one week before the wedding day. The test session takes about two hours, the time required to discuss all the details and to try out different make-up styles that are suitable for you.

Price: RON 250

Groom’s make-up

Even if this is not a very known service, groom’s make-up is needed for the album photos. A light make-up will blur dark circles, pores and smooth the skin to not perspire during the photo shoot. We promise that the look will not be feminine and will keep the manly line.

Price: RON 110

Our hair is an accessory. To draw the attention of those around us, it needs special care and attention. A flexible and shiny hair is the sign of a body that is properly taken care of and a good haircut shows that we care about our image. Gaal HairPlay experts will give you the best advice for a perfect hairdo and a perfect haircut. You will also get the best tips of how to take care of the new look.Remark: Hair length is measured from the crown to the tips.
  • Short hair: up to 15cm
  • Medium hair: up to 30cm
  • Long hair: up to 49cm
  • Extra long hair: more than 49cm


Fringe trimRON 15
Women’s dry cutRON 60
Short hair washRON 30
Medium hair washRON 40
Long hair washRON 50
Extra long hair washRON 60
Hair extensions washRON 70
Blow dryRON 20
Short hair stylingRON 40
Medium hair stylingRON 45
Long hair stylingRON 55
Extra long hair stylingRON 75
Hair extensions stylingRON 90
Curls stylingRON 70
Flat iron straighteningRON 60


AMMONIA-FREE OIL COLOR Natural Choice Color is 100% Ammonia-Free and eliminates any risk of skin sensitisation. It is the first professional dye made from an ecologically balanced product, to protect the hairdressers’ health, as they are exposed to the risk of inhaling ammonia vapours and chemical flavours on a daily basis, which can cause respiratory problems. This type of dye does not contain artificial flavours and minimises the risk of skin allergies to both customers and the hairstylist.It is completely odourless and confers a sense of beneficial naturalness. Another advantage of NCC is the absence of two equally harmful components, nickel and iodine, to ensure more protection. This product has been formulated in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Health.


Highlights short hair serviceRON 150
Highlights medium hair serviceRON 180
Highlights long hair serviceRON 250
The service doesn't cover the colour or the bleaching powder
Colour 30mlRON 105
Colour 40mlRON 135
Colour 50mlRON 170
Colour 60mlRON 190
Colour 70mlRON 255
Colour 80mlRON 260
Colour 90mlRON 280
Colour 100mlRON 310
Colour 120mlRON 360
Colour serviceRON 99
Bleaching 1 cupRON 95
Bleaching 2 cupRON125
Bleaching 3 cupRON 145
Additional bleaching cupRON 35
CurlsRON 65
Curls very long hair(more than 49 cm length)RON 80
Special hairstyleRON 220
Bride hairstyleRON 440
New look haircutRON 100


HaircutRON 60
WashRON 25
Scalp massageRON 35
Gentlemen stylingRON 35
Beard trimRON 30
ContourRON 40
Beard colourRON 40
Extremely short hair men colouringRON 90

After long searches we managed to bring the best 100% Remy quality hair in the salon.

“Remy quality” is given to premium quality hair used for hair extensions. Quality Remy hair is that type of natural hair upon which there were not significant chemical or physical interventions (painted or treated with various substances). Remy quality hair is also called “virgin hair”.Remy quality is obtained by keeping the hair cuticle intact. If those cuticles are kept in the same shape or direction they were at the donor, the hair will remain time soft, bright, easy to style and to untangle for a longer time.This is why these types of hair extensions are considered to be superior both in terms of quality and price. For a more natural look, it is advisable to use at least 120 grams of hair in the form of strands (extensions). We recommend TAPE-ON EXTENSIONS.
Application of extensionsRON 450
Hair extensions removalRON 220
Hair extensions lift-upRON 250
 * Extensions choice and placement of the order cannot BE MADE BY PHONE. For the choice and purchase of extensions, a 50% advance payment of the cost of the extensions will be made. Depending on the stock availability, they will be available either on the same day or on the next day.
Our stylist offers customised design of the eyes depending on the number of natural eyelashes and the shape of the face. The process is not painful at all and many of our clients fall asleep during the procedure.Prices:
  • 1D Lashes: RON 250
  • 2D Lashes: RON 300
  • 3D Lashes: RON 350
Prețuri întreținere gene*:
    • 1D Lashes: RON 150
    • 2D Lashes: RON 200
    • 3D Lashes: RON 220
* Eyelash infills are performed at a distance of about 3 weeksEyelash infills and useful recommendations:
  • Do not use waterproof mascara
  • Steam or high heat reduce extensions’ lifetime
  • When applying the contact lenses, only drag the eyelid, not the eyelashes
  • Do not use oil-based make-up removing products
  • Event styling: RON 220
  • Bridal Hair Up: RON 450
  • Bridal hair up test: RON 250 (it is the advance payment for the hairstyling on day of the event)

Full package: RON 1100

The package includes:
  • Basic facial treatment, not later than one day before the event;
  • Classic or French manicure;
  • 24-hour waterproof make-up;
  • Special hair up.

Groom make-up RON 100

The beauty and health of our nails are obtained by constant care, by identifying issues and using the appropriate products for each type of condition. Gaal HairPlay specialists are available to define and maintain your nails.


Manichiură - Pedichiură
Classic manicureRON 55
Classic pedicureRON 60
Classic manicure frenchRON 65
Classic pedicure frenchRON 70
Semi-permanent manicureRON 75
Semi-permanent pedicureRON 80
Semi-permanent with apex manicureRON 100
Medical pedicureRON 70
Semi-permanent manicure frenchRON 85
Semi-permanent pedicure frenchRON 95
Semi-permanent manicure babyboomerRON 85
Semi-permanent pedicure babyboomerRON 95
Unghii False
Application of nail tipsRON 150
Gel constructionRON 180
Gel/acryl infillRON 120
Application of gel on natural nailsRON 100
Application of nail polishRON 15
Paraffin wax handsRON 30
Paraffin wax pedicureRON 35
Replacement/repair nailRON 25
Nail patternRON 10
Semi-permanent removedRON 30
Gel removedRON 40
* If the semi-permanent manicure is redone after the removal of semi-permanent nail polish, the removal service will not be charged
Now you can maintain your beauty and reduce the effects of aging through regular visits to the beauty salon. Gaal Hair Play specialists take care of your skin and help you have an enviable body, regardless of the season. For best results and in order to eliminate any risk, our specialists recommend that you visit the same beautician every time.


Bikini waxRON 60
Arms waxRON 30
Short waxRON 35
Long waxRON 60
Upper lip waxRON 20
Under arms waxRON 25
Outline waxRON 25
Brazilian back waxRON 25
PenEyebrow pluckingatRON 30
Back waxRON 50
Abdomen waxRON 30
Chin waxRON 15
Cheek bones waxRON 20
Lumbar waxRON 25
Nape waxRON 20
Bottom waxRON 35
Eyelash tintRON 30
Eyebrow tintRON 35

Eye and lip treatment

Price: RON 150

If treatment is carried out as part of a complete facial, the price is RON 100.Optimises skin moisture and tone, reduces inflammation, puffy eyes and fine expression lines. Gelatine pearls containing pure retinol in molecular film. Smooth skin and fight the aging process, stimulating cellular regeneration. The specially designed eye and lip contour cream has vegetable stem cells and, in combination with retinol and caviar, roseroot, oxygenated yeast and bioamiskin, allows the revitalisation of the skin functions through effective actions upon the wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

De-Ox C Evolution Treatment

Price: RON 250

Bioline De-OX C Evolution is an antioxidant treatment with anti-glycation effect. This treatment is based on the vitamins 3 C complex, DE-OX complex and AGL-type dipeptides. The facial procedure consists of Skin Roll massage and application of the necessary products from the De-Ox C Evolution line. Benefits:
  • restores the natural balance of the face;
  • anti-glycation effect (glycation is the result of an endogenous, spontaneous reaction between the sugar carried in the bloodstream and dermal fibres, collagen and elastin. They cause hardening and damaging of the supporting tissue, harming the dermal fibres. The dermis gradually loses its elasticity and tone. Wrinkles appear.);
  • anti-oxidative effect.

PRIMALUCE enzyme peeling

Price: RON 300

Primaluce professional cosmetics line operates in a gradual and sequential exfoliation programme, capable to develop four interactive synergies:
  • cell renewal;
  • depigmentation;
  • face glow;
  • reduction of fine lines and closing of pores.
7 paraben-free products and professional tools will be used, that are rich in active ingredients that effectively support the beautician’s manual application methods in order to ensure results at high standard and to meet the increasingly more specific needs of customer. Primaluce range uses a peeling combined of two acids in combination of 40%-AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and PHA (poly hydroxy acids). The product acts in-depth, helping to eliminate hyperpigmented cells. The treatment is designed for all types of skin. During the treatment and after that there is nothing to impede the normal pursuit of daily activities.

Anti-acne treatment

Price: RON 300

Purifying is the treatment intended for highly impurity-loaded skin. It ensures protection against bacteria that cause the appearance of impurities and also ensures protection against excess sebum. It reduces inflammatory and retention imperfections. It prevents post inflammatory hyperpigmentation signs. It reduces eruption recurrence.

Treatment for sensitive skin

Price: RON 300

The treatment for sensitive skin is targeted at people with irritated complexion that redden easily, with fine lines and vascular fragility. The products used in the treatment combat the harmful effects of stress on the skin, soothe, moisturise, activate blood circulation in the capillaries. This moisturising and soothing complex contains: blueberries, Borage, aloe vera and enteromorpha compressa. The procedure is as follows:
  • medium intensity vapofor;
  • extraction of blackheads, followed by the application of a moisturising and soothing azulene-based serum;
  • we use the electroderm over serum for a deeper penetration of the azulene extract;
  • it follows a massage performed with slow movements, without intensity, but based on vibratory movements, using a cream based on lanolin, collagen, elastin and vitamins A, E, and F;
  • the next step includes applying a mask with plant extracts from India and Africa meant to soothe and moisturise, with a great power of decongesting the epidermis, balancing the skin sensitivity.

Treatment for intense hydration

Price: RON 300

Hydration is the first step to having a healthy complexion. The hydration treatment offered in our Gaal Hairplay salon uses BIOLINE cosmetics with visible results from the very first session. The innovation of this treatment consists in the complex of active ingredients formed of 3D hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid with low molecular mass and water gradual-release patch. The treatment programme includes:
  • The concentrated serum for intense hydration of the complexion and neck, destined for all skin types, contributes to restoring and maintaining the right level of hydration and restores the elasticity and brightness of the skin;
  • Cream for the intensive hydration of the complexion and cleavage, suitable for dry and dehydrated skin - contributes to maintaining the water reserves in the skin, having an aesthetic action of constant moisturising. Enriched with jojoba oil and rice milk, this cream ensures softness and elasticity;
  • Hydrating treatment mask suitable for all skin types - contributes to restoring the optimum hydration level of the skin. Enriched with white tea extract and rice milk; this mask ensures immediate comfort and softness.
This treatment constitutes an essential hydration source and has the role of restoring the skin optimal hydration level, preserving its natural functions and freshness.

Maximum Effect Treatment

Price: RON 400

A complete treatment including the treatment of the eyes, for people over 45 with tired, mature, wrinkled complexion. The treatment procedure is as follows:
  • make-up removal from the face, eyes, neck and neckline;
  • application of vitamin toning lotion with skin pH regulators;
  • exfoliation - enzymatic peeling for the removal of dead cells that obstruct the pores, preventing proper breathing of the skin;
  • 10-15-minutes under vapofor;
  • blackhead (comedo) extraction;
  • application of serum with powerful anti-wrinkle effect;
  • massage with mature skin-specific anti-wrinkle, nourishing and toning cream;
  • application of serum with powerful anti-wrinkle or calming effect to the tired, pouched or hollowed-eyes;
  • soothing mask with apple protein extracts;
  • 12-15-minute massage specific to the eye contour area;
  • follows the moisturising and lifting mask on the entire face and neck area for cellular regeneration;
  • application of finish cream containing a pigment similar to the skin, leaving it very smooth and matte, without red traces left by the extraction.

SOSKIN Depigmenting Treatment

Price: RON 400 /session

It is a treatment inspired by medical anti-ageing techniques based on the Advanced Microcaps System. Action: it acts upon the melanin spots (the brown spots). Treatment effect: fades away pigmentation spots. The result: a glowing and clean complexion.

Subscription 4 sessions - RON 1000

For optimal results, we recommend performing 4 sessions with a frequency of one week and buying the products at home (corresponding to the treatment)

Anti-acne rosacea treatment

Price: RON 300

The treatment from soskin range contains ingredients that protect against environmental factors, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and repairing properties. It follows, depending on the severity of the problem, a facial therapy which, in the course of a minimum number of 6 sessions, improves the acne rosacea and slows its evolution.



It is a skin regeneration and restructuring treatment. After this treatment the skin has an even and soft texture, wrinkles are blurred and the skin becomes brighter.

Cleansing is made using an ultrasonic spatula, then the therapist applies two types of face masks, followed by a series of serums applied with a galvanic device, light therapy and cream.

PRICE - RON 330 





It is a basic face cleansing treatment consisting of peeling, extractions, calming mask, facial massage, ultrasound therapy with revitalizing ampoule and cream.

The skin will be cleansed and will have a beautiful and healthy appearance.

PRICE - RON 260  



Consists of face cleansing with ultrasonic spatula, two types of masks (oxygenating and brightness mask), facial massage, ultrasonic therapy with revitalizing ampoule, neckline and cleavage treatment, oxygen infusion and cream.

After this treatment the skin is hydrated, brighter and for speckled skin the colour becomes even.






It is a treatment recommended for persons with mature, wrinkled and sagging skin on their face. Consists of an enzymatic peeling, instant lifting mask, facial massage, microcurrent therapy, anti-ageing ampoule applied with the galvanoderm equipment and final anti-ageing cream.

After this treatment wrinkles are visibly blurred, the skin is toned, soft and strongly hydrated.








Consists of a peeling, comedone extraction, microdermabrasion, oxygenating mask, microcurrent (on wrinkles), ultrasound with booster hydration ampoule and cream.

After this treatment the skin is deeply cleansed and hydrated, dead cells are removed, wrinkles are blurred and the skin has a healthy and even appearance.







It is an intervention in alternating ProCollagen treatment consisting of microcurrent therapy on wrinkles only followed by an instant lifting mask, oxygen infusion and anti-ageing cream.

After this therapy wrinkles are blurred thanks to the microcurrent whose role is to execute a gymnastics of facial muscles but also to stimulate collagen and elastin production.







Dermapen executes thousands of controlled micro-needling and has a rejuvenating effect over collagen and elastin fibers both through mechanic action as well as through introduction of active substances directly in the deeper layers of your skin creating some micro-channels which make the connection between epidermis and hypodermis.

Dermapen is a treatment for aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, frown lines around lips, enlarged pores, stretch marks, scars (post acne, surgical and burn scars), alopecia.











Consists of cleansing with ultrasonic spatula, hydrating peel off mask or gold flecks mask, ultrasound ampoule, facial massage and final cream (eyes + face + neckline)






The microdermabrasion treatment is highly efficient to cleanse the face skin, even out the skin colour and texture, close pores and together with the biomolecular mask (which is intensely hydrating and regenerating) and oxygen infusion it will make the face skin look brighter and healthier, will hydrate and soften the face skin even after the first session.







Ii is made with products based on Death Sea minerals. After a deep cleansing, the face skin is cleansed with soothing and anti-bacterial substances, two types of masks are applied, soothing and healing powder, as well as a series of creams intended to stop acne but also to blur the scars produced by acne.

After the first treatment acne is significantly healed and cleansed. This treatment is recommended every two weeks.


Price: RON 1.7/minute

Before the start of the tanning sessions, we have a few tips for you. Depending on the skin type and its adherence to radiation, the tanning effect is visible from the third session. It is recommended that the intervals between sessions to be of minimum 3 days. It is totally contraindicated to expose yourself to the rays every day or to expose yourself to the sun on the same day.Solarium exposure must be gradual and never be long-lasting from the first session. Also, the salon staff will guide you in choosing the number of minutes according to your skin. Performance of a scrub before the tanning sessions ensures uniform colour and more delicate skin. Because we do not have a shower available, we suggest that you to make the scrub at home before coming to the salon.Before entering the tanning appliance we suggest that you use creams intended for this procedure because they stimulate very well the production of a much larger amount of pigment. These products play a protective role at cellular level by decreasing the production of the free radicals. In order to prevent the dehydration of the skin during the use of the tanning device, we suggest the frequent use of the moisturising creams that we offer you. If you are not decided what to choose, please ask our colleague who is in charge for this service.Various hormone treatments may cause an over-pigmentation, particularly of the complexion. To make sure that there are no side effects, please ask your doctor.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage technique, a Japanese modern method, is considered one of the most effective ones, as it is based on acupressure. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure consists of applying pressure on the tissues of the 12 meridians existing in the body. Shiatsu is considered a healing massage and became very popular in Japan, where at least one member of the family needs to know this technique. The main objective of the Shiatsu massage is to unlock the points in the body where chi energy is blocked. Japanese theory says that blocked chi brings about serious health issues. Like acupuncture, acupressure is guided by the 12 important points of the body, known as meridian points. These are directly connected with the vital organs: lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, gallbladder, bladder, kidneys, liver, pericardium, the three focal points/triple heater (respiratory process, digestion process, elimination process). During a shiatsu massage session, the therapist applies pressure on the 12 points, helping to obtain a balance between body and mind and to restore the normal flow of energy. The most important goal during the massage is unlocking the chi points. This massage technique combines anatomy and physiology notions and involves the exercise of certain pressure with the finger. In certain areas of the body, the pressure is exercised and with the palms of the hand or with the elbow, as well. The shiatsu technique is also known as needles acupuncture and is, obviously, less painful.Shiatsu massage has proven to be highly efficient in the case of people suffering from health disorders but also for the healthy. It is a good preventive method for a series of diseases that can occur over time due to stress and lack of relaxation.The main conditions that shiatsu massage can improve are:
  • Tendinitis
  • Back issues
  • Sore shoulders
  • Insomnia
  • Circulatory problems
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Anxiety diminishing
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Elimination of toxins from the body
  • Nervousness
In general, shiatsu massage is relaxing, but its benefits are seen on the long run. Persons receiving shiatsu massage over a long constant period claim that the effects are stronger than those of medicines, due tot the fact that health issues are dealt with at origin. Nowadays, time is the main enemy. It is difficult to make time for yourself and to attend regular sessions of massage in a beauty salon. Fortunately, there are alternative methods of therapy involving shiatsu massage techniques. For example, using a massage chair with advanced functions, you no longer depend on a therapist and you can enjoy the benefits of this therapy every day. Chairmony is one of the massage chairs that can provide the best results when you want to relax, to unwind and to prevent disease.


60 minutesRON 160
90 minutesRON 240
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Prenatal massage:

It is a type of therapeutic massage that aims at stimulating muscle and joint function, at improving blood circulation and at strengthening your body’s health, as well as at removing mental fatigue and pressure.A highly important problem is the appearance of oedema in the upper and lower limbs, from the second pregnancy trimestre, which is why the therapist uses also lymphatic drainage techniques, the result being amazing.Prenatal massage has an essential role in the prevention of stretch marks because it maintains skin elasticity.Benefits of prenatal massage:
  • relaxes and reduces stress
  • maintains body weight
  • improves blood circulation
  • prevents the appearance of oedema
  • maintains muscle tone and the evolution of cellulite, keeps the skin elastic and prevents stretch marks
  • diminishes pain during labour
  • helps with an easy childbirth
  • helps with a faster after-birth regeneration of the body
  • eliminates the possibility of the appearance of postnatal depression (due to hormonal changes)
  • fever
  • diabetes
  • dizziness
  • uterine pain
  • abdominal pain
  • loss of blood or amniotic fluid
  • blood pressure
Risks of prenatal massageIt would be advisable that massage begin after week 16 of pregnancy with the attending physician’s consent.There are, however, a few risks to prenatal massage:
  • a slight dizziness and nausea
  • the lack of experience of the therapist for this type of massage
  • too strong massage of the back, that can cause pain in the abdominal area
  • dehydration
  • a massage incorrectly executed can cause uterine contractions
Position of the pregnant woman during massageIn the first trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman can stay on the tummy as long as it does not involve any discomfort. When the tummy will visibly grow, the massage will be delivered in the position on one side using pads for increased comfort, and thus, the hips, the legs, the back and the arms can be easily massaged.


60 minutesRON 150
90 minutesRON 230
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Hawaiian Massage (Lomi-Lomi)

The combination of heat, stimulating of the energy areas and the subtle scent of essential oils turns the Lomi-Lomi massage into a unique relaxation experience.Lomi-Lomi Massage is performed in such a way as to induce a state of deep relaxation by focusing the attention on the physical sensations, while thoughts, stress, fatigue are forgotten. The therapist massages first a hand and an arm, then the opposite foot and calf, then the other leg and finally the opposite hand and arm. It has been shown that massage executed according to the scheme creates well-being and absolute relaxation, unprecedented in other types of massage.The movements focus on the deeper muscle layers, along the muscle fibres and tendons, but also perpendicular to them. The moves in slow pace, but profound, drive away muscle tension. That is why Lomi-Lomi massage is recommended for all persons who want to maintain their health, but also for those suffering from muscle contractures, chronic fatigue, depressive disorders. But Lomi-Lomi massage is more than that. It is also a spiritual therapy to be performed by a specialised therapist. It is not enough for the therapist to perform the movements, he must also be prepared spiritually, be calm and have a positive attitude.


60 minutesRON 160
90 minutesRON 240
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Volcanic stone massage

Geothermal therapy is a therapy highly sought after massage due to the effect of deep relaxation and general wellbeing that the customer experiences; it is a novelty in the field of anti-stress treatments and massages. Combined with the manual massage, volcanic stones can have spectacular results rejuvenating and fortifying the body.The massage with volcanic stones or Hot Stone Massage, having the scientific name of geothermal therapy, is one of the very old therapeutic techniques, used for detoxifying, relaxing and balancing the energy of the human being, whose origins can be traced in most civilizations in various forms. Due to the special effects that can be obtained through this therapy, it began to be very requested in beauty salons throughout the world. Unlike classic massage, at the massage with volcanic rocks the massage is done not only with the hands, but it is also used a set of volcanic rocks, dark grey or black, of different sizes, with a very smooth surface, heated in a special device until they reach a certain temperature. This temperature does not cause burns or unpleasant sensations, but only will cause tinglings and pleasant sensations throughout the body.Volcanic hot stone therapy relies on the existence on the human body of certain energy channels called meridians and of energy centers called chakras, the main seven of which are found on the median line of the body, along the spine, and are connected with certain organs and functions of the body. At the end of the volcanic stone massage session it is necessary to drink plenty of water to replenish the amount of fluids and salts lost through sweat.A hot volcanic stone massage session lasts 1 hour in total, of which 10 minutes for the preparation of the client, the massage room, the stones and the devices to be used. The client can remain lain down another quarter of an hour after the massage to accomplish the relaxation.The beneficial effects of hot stone massage:
  • increases sensitivity
  • elimination of toxins
  • increases blood circulation
  • lowers blood pressure
  • raises the body temperature
  • accelerates the pulse (10 beats for each 1 degree Celsius increased in body temperature)
  • accelerates the breathing
  • increases the ability of collagen fibres stretches
  • diminishes joint problems
  • reduces or eliminates pain
  • reduces muscle spasms
  • energising and stimulating effect
  • nervous system stimulation
  • accelerates oxygen uptake at cellular level and metabolism
  • increases kidneys’ activity
  • can help in removing oedema (bruising) and the rest of the affected areas
  • application of hot stones in the area opposite the affected one draws blood flow from the affected area and thus reduces the tension in the affected area
  • it is recommended in sleep disorders
Side effects of hot stones using:
  • peripheral vascular dilation causing reddening of the skin
  • decreased breathing rate
  • decrease of blood pressure and heart rate
  • muscle relaxation
Contraindications of hot stone massage:
  • their application is contraindicated in acute diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis, sprains, etc.
  • pregnancy
  • the vascular damage caused by diabetes also decreases blood flow in the tissues; heat is contraindicated in such areas
  • application of heat throughout the body causes a cellular oxygen demand, which cannot be honoured if the client has anemia
  • body temperature must not exceed 40 degrees because after this temperature, tissue can start to damage
  • clients with atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis may have weakened or even blocked arteries. Application of heat increases the oxygen requirements of the cells, which is contraindicated


60 minutesRON 160
90 minutesRON 240
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Facial massage

It is a pleasant, relaxing therapy, with lots of benefits. It can be made within the cosmetic treatment protocol or in a separate session. This type of massage requires special and adequate techniques and the specialist who performs it must know the structure and functions of the skin/muscles. For this reason, we do not recommend facial self-massage. Facial massage slows down cellular aging process, brings a greater inflow of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood, reduces double chin, lessens stress and migraines, improves skin texture and facial muscle tone, stimulates collagen and elastin fibres and, last but not least, drains lymph, thereby encouraging cellular detoxification.Both the duration and the intensity with which the massage movements are performed are aspects on which only the expert decide, depending on the age and quality of your skin. For example, facial massage to a 45-year-old woman will not have the same duration and intensity of movements as the one addressed to a 30-year-old person. The maximum duration of a facial massage for a mature complexion is 45 minutes! I heard of situations where a facial massage lasts an hour, and what is not right! In the desire to obtain as good firmness as possible at the facial muscle level, people are happy to get a good price for such a service. What they don’t know is that an experienced specialist will not perform a facial massage with a duration of 60 minutes, simply because overuse of face skin and muscles can have the opposite effect to the one sought after. The facial muscles lose tonus as the skin ages and, to improve their toning, we need technique and a good specialist! Do not rejoice when you find offers of 1-hour facial massage! 60 minutes is the ideal time for a body massage, not for the complexion! Preventatively, you can resort to this beauty service from the age of 25. Practiced too late, when the skin is already lacking in elasticity, it can hardly return to its normal state. A healthy complexion means a beautiful, supple and hydrated skin and facial massage can positively contribute to the look of your complexion!Price: 45 minutes - RON 160


As a branch of Oriental medicine, reflexology is the science of the body reflex areas, located on the surface of the body, in general at far from the organs they represent. Organs are inseparable components of the human body as a whole, with direct vascular and energetic link with the corresponding reflexogenic areas.It is the scientific art of diagnosing and healing by pressing and stimulating the reflexogenic areas in the extremities of the body, which correspond to all organs and parts of the human body.Reflex is the fundamental activity of the nervous system with which it regulates the relationships between the organs and the relationships between the body and the environment.Irrespective of whether the massage is performed on the feet or on the hands, experts recommend the following sequence:
  • Firstly, the urinary system (kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra) will be stimulated, in order to prepare it to eliminate the toxins from the body without an overload of blood circulation (approximately 3-5 minutes on each way).
  • The points corresponding to the head will then be massaged (about 3 minutes each hemisphere), which will lead to a good coordination and adaptation of the body to the treatment.
  • The endocrine system follows, which achieves and coordinates on humoral way the body functions, under the permanent control of the nervous system- about 5 minutes.
  • The metabolic and detoxification organs (stomach, liver, gallbladder, small intestine and large intestine) are next, for 5-7 minutes.
  • About 5 minutes are given to the points corresponding to blood and lymphatic circulation, blood being the main medium of transport of nutrients and oxygen required by the metabolic-active body cells, as well as of transport of the carbon dioxide for disposal, and lymph having role in feeding the tissues where blood does not reach and in collecting and transporting waste.
  • The rest of the time is given to other organs and areas of the body, insisting in particular on the affected ones.


60 minutesRON 140
90 minutesRON 210
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Thai Massage

In general, massage is an actual health maintenance technique, a blessing for the sick and a means of relaxation and recreation for those tensed. Traditional Thai massage called “Nuad” in Thai language originated in India, wherefrom it arrived in Southeast Asia. The techniques used in Thai massage are similar to yoga. They have beneficial effects on the body but also induce varying degrees of physical and mental relaxation. The theoretical bases of Thai massage consist of the concept of invisible energy lines covering the whole body and of which ten are distinguished in this type of massage. These are the ten SEN, and important acupuncture points are located on them. By massaging these points it is possible to cure certain diseases or alleviate pain. The theory of the ten SEN from Thai massage is based on Indian tradition.The masseur makes a permanent energy transfer from him to the patient. Thai massage is different from western massage, Swedish massage, called classic massage. Thai massage works on the physical body, in order to influence the energy lines of the body and locally, the energy points are pressed. General pressure is applied or extension or traction exercises are applied to the patient’s body, called Hatha-yoga, put into practice or physical Yoga applied. Before the beginning of the massage, the patient is asked about the condition of their health, if they suffer from certain acute diseases, if they are pregnant, which part of the body is overly sensitive. The general rule in Thai massage is not to do massage on bone and spine, on injuries, inflammation, blisters, hematoma. In the case of serious gastrointestinal diseases an abdominal massage area is not recommended, only the dorsal lines will be worked on.The knees are sensitive and can be affected by incorrect pressing. Intense pressure on the tired muscles, lymph nodes must be avoided. There is no age limit for patients, in case of Thai massage, which is healing and pleasant to both men and women. Massage starts with heating and flexing of the legs and the masseur works with his arms stretched and uses the weight of his body and his muscle force. Leg massage is done through acupressure points, relaxing the joints, relaxing the feet, cracking the fingers, pulling and extension of the legs, massaging the calf and thigh.Thai massage should not be performed on the abdomen when the patient has a full stomach. In the massage of the abdomen the bellybutton must be avoided. The massage is performed with caution in order not to disturb the internal organs (and is made with the thumbs). Thai massage for chest and arms is made with the heel of the hand along the thorax and soft parts next to the shoulders. It consists in loosening the chest and shoulders, blocking blood circulation in arms, massaging the hands on the inner and outer part, arm and armpit area extension and traction. Massage for the back of the body is done as follows: massage of the soles of the feet and calves and kneading of feet and joints, traction-extension exercises for legs, thighs and the gluteal area. The massage for thigh and back relaxation consists in thigh traction exercises (as in yoga tradition). Exercises for shoulders, arms and shoulder blades consists in kneading and relaxing shoulders and shoulder blades. Exercises for the head and nape are done by massaging the cervical vertebrae, the dorsal part of the head and relaxation. Exercises for face massage are done by massaging the major points of the face and temples through acupressure. We recommend the massage at least once a week.


60 minutesRON 160
90 minutesRON 240
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100

Balinese massage

Balinese Massage has its origins in Bali and is a combination of several Asian techniques: Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, ayurvedic. The technique includes numerous manoeuvers meant to stimulate lymphatic drainage (light, slow manoeuvers), to obtain muscle relief (deep manoeuvers), to release the tension from the joint level (light manipulations).All these techniques are meant to restore balance and harmony of the physical -mental - emotional body, by energetically and physically unlocking certain areas.Balinese massage with bamboo sticks is a combination between Balinese techniques and techniques performed with bamboo sticks. Bamboo sticks of different sizes and different grinds are used, depending on the body area to be applied on and the massage techniques in which they are used (rotation, sliding, pressing, rolling).It is performed (along energy meridians) using gentle, but also deep, pressure, so that it unlocks the stagnant energy in joints, by manipulations, flections, extensions. The sports moves bring an energy flow throughout the body and restore its vitality.
  • Deeply relaxes the body
  • Eliminates muscle tension and stress
  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Relieves migraines, depression, chronic fatigue and digestive disorders


60 minutesRON 160
90 minutesRON 240
Subscription 10 sessionsRON 1100


The Swedish massage is the most popular massage in US. It was  further developed by a Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter from Stockholm University in 1812. The Swedish massage is one of the most appreciated and popular types of massage. It involves a firm but delicate pressure on your muscles, in 5 different movements:

  • Long strokes and gliding
  • Massage of every muscle
  • Rub
  • Gentle strokes
  • Vibrations
A special massage oil is used to facilitate the strokes on the body. The Swedish massage is the basis of other types of Western massages, such as deep tissue massage and aromatherapy.  
60 minutesRON 180
90 minutesRON 270
10 sessions subscriptionRON 1200


 Anti-cellulite massage treatmentis a highly effective method to reduce and eliminate cellulite; the result is quick and visible, after only a few intensive sessions. It is one of the best solutions to get rid of the “orange peel”, and is performed locally, in the areas affected by cellulite.Anti-cellulite massagehas an important aesthetic role, in that it reduces adipose tissue and acts favorably upon the areas affected by cellulite. Anti-cellulite massage sessions improve the functioning of the immune system which may weaken after prolonged periods of stress or hormonal dysfunctions.Anti-cellulite massagesessions combined with a proper and balanced food style lead to the elimination of toxins from the tissues and restore skin elasticity. It implicitly acts on the muscles, joints and ligaments. In order to be kept under control, cellulite first needs to be understood, in relation to the causes of its occurrence. Problems in the connective tissues, hormone disorders, inflammatory processes in the body or the incorrect lifestyle (a diet high in fats, simple carbohydrates and sugars, lack of exercise) trigger the occurrence of behavioural or aesthetic cellulite.

What are the benefits of anti-cellulite massage sessions?

  • reshape the adipose tissue and reduce cellulite, up to its disappearance
  • help in breaking and removal micro and macro cellulite nodules
  • help reduce the body circumference and accelerate the disappearance of the adipose layer; the effects are measured in centimeters, not in kilograms
  • stimulate and improve blood circulation, which leads to the reduction and elimination of fatty deposits over time. Direct pressure and specific movements release local tension from the muscles and ease blood flow
  • stimulate the lymphatic system and help eliminate fluids associated with the formation of cellulite. Through lymphatic drainage, water retained in the tissues and metabolic cell-level residues are eliminated
  • help restore skin elasticity and firmness, as well as the health of subcutaneous tissues
  • implicitly tone up the muscles
  • help lose weight by influencing cell and glandular metabolism.

The first results can be seen after a few sessions. Anti-cellulitemassage sessions must be intensive, 3 times per week, with one day break between sessions and, after the desired results are obtained, we recommend one session per week for maintenance. The appearance of orange peel visibly diminishes and the skin is much smoother. Through anti-cellulite massage, the body is reshaped, one does not lose in kilograms, but in centimetres.

60 minutesRON 200
90 minutesRON 300
10 sessions subscriptionRON 1200


 lymphatic drainage is a light massagecombined with the application of light pressure on the lymph nodes, the key points in the body where toxins accumulate, to be drained into the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes are found in the neck, breast, abdomen, inguinal region and knees.Lymph is a fluid that circulates through the lymphatic system, its role being to remove toxins from the body. This accumulates in the lymph nodes and the massage in the points where they are located stimulates the release of the toxins from the lymph nodes. Implicitly, the immune system is stimulated and the skin is toned. The lymph node massage is accompanied by the massage performed on the route of the lymph vessels for lymph drainage.

Specialists say that lymphatic drainage ensure a deep cleansing and regeneration of the body,therefore, they recommend it in addition to detoxification schemes for an optimal result. Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the removal of stagnant water from the body and the orange peel appearance of the skin - the much dreaded and unwanted cellulite, which, although is not a disease, affects the well-being of most women - is improved.

Lymphatic drainage is more than just a cosmetic procedure and is done by kinesiotherapists. Among the benefits, the specialists mention the immune systemreinforcement, fighting hard feet sensation that occurs due to dehydration and sedentary life and improvement of the quality of sleep and of certain circulatory problems.


A combination of massage techniques in an explosion of sensations! The Western techniques are mixed with Eastern philosophy giving you extraordinary sensations and healing the body. The mixed massage is a unique combination of traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage and aromatherapy. It is a therapy focusing on realignment of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for tensed and contracted areas, such as stiff neck, tightness in the lower back and shoulder pain. Tension or chronic muscle injury are usually accompanied by adhesions (painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons and ligaments. The mixed massage removes such adhesions in order to relieve pain and restore normal movements. 
60 minutesRON 200
90 minutesRON 300
10 sessions subscriptionRON 1200


 The Deep Tissue massage uses many maneuvers and techniques of the Swedish massage, but its core feature is the extremely intense pressure applied on the areas with chronic muscle tensions. During a deep tissue massage the therapist approaches the deep muscle tissues, as well as the muscle fascia called connective tissue. By applying repeated pressures of a certain intensity and pressure level the therapist relaxes chronic muscle tensions in relation to severe muscle contractions referred to as muscle knots. These knots can be caused by stress, various external factors such as air conditioning or by frequently alternating cold air with hot air, faulty posture or intense and frequent muscle exercises. Also, toxins accumulation in the muscle can lead to these muscle contractions particularly found in middle and upper trapezoid, in paravertebral muscles between the shoulder blades. These organic residues must be drained by deep tissue massage techniques and aromatherapy. Therefore, the deep tissue massage is recommended to any person experiencing sharp and persistent muscle tensions, persons involved in demanding physical activities, sportsmen, persons who have suffered a physical injury but also to less active people who spend most of their time in front of computer at the office. Through the pressures applied the deep tissue massage not only loosen up tight muscle but also restores the faulty blood circulation, increases blood and lymphatic flow by loosening up the muscles. If you want, the deep tissue massage is a (complementary) medical alternative to already existing therapeutic massages, being offered by a specialised therapist. The therapy itself is aimed to activate the muscles in greater depth, removing all the consequences of a stressed and tensed lifestyle, generating also an emotional refresh. Therefore, we can perceive the deep tissue massage therapy as an alternative to emotional detox. The deep tissue massage tackles the acute and chronic numbness or fatigue states, chronic conditions of back, neck, pelvis, shoulder muscles, as well as a series of postural dysfunctions (generated by shocks, accidents, surgeries, improper recovery after accidents and surgeries). Offered as a stand alone therapy for specific medical conditions as those listed above, the deep tissue massage can also be offered as a general massage in relation to a healthy body which needs firm pressures to maintain its tone and elasticity. The deep tissue massage, a therapeutic massage by its nature, can be similar to a relaxing massage if after one session the person feels energised, refreshed and relaxed. The Deep Tissue massage includes various forms of massage, by combining principles of lomi lomi massageneuro-pressureCalifornian massage and Swedish massage, each therapist choosing its final form of expression like an artist. A deep tissue massage session follows several steps. First the therapist makes contact with the patient trying to create a communication channel and to build a relationship of trust. Then she looks at the patient’s health background and explains the techniques used during the therapy, the forms of massage as well as the pressure that she is going to apply, which differs from any kind of therapeutic massage. During the deep tissue massage, the therapist must find the ideal way to increase pressure up to maximum acceptable level, and such pressure must be maintained constant throughout the therapy. A proper approach and detailed explanations given by the therapist are aimed to create a close relationship based on trust and mutual respect between the therapist and the patient. After the introduction stages, the therapist will perform maneuvers with his fingers and thumb, fist, forearms and elbows, using also forms of stretching and passive gymnastics in 20% of the therapy session. The massage of the cervical area gives you a total muscle relaxation. Smoothing techniques are performed on this area with fists, palms, forearms, as well as frictions over the trapezoid and cervical area muscles. An intensive session of deep tissue massage ends with a gentle massage of the scalp making it similar to a spa experience. 
60 minutesRON 190
90 minutesRON 285
10 sessions subscriptionRON 1200


Briefly, the relaxing massage is pampering. Its main purpose is to get us rid of stress and help us achieve a better state but, at the same time, it can relieve certain pains and solve health issues. It is recommended to people of all ages, from babies to seniors. The relaxing massage has many benefits including:

  • Stress relief This leads to an improved sleep quality (it helps you get rid of insomnia) and can be useful to fight anxiety and depression. Moreover, it improves focus.
  • It loosens up tensed muscles and reduce muscle contractions.
  • It maintains skin elasticity. Therefore, the relaxing massage also has benefits for your beauty.
  • It improves blood and lymphatic circulation. The body is helped to eliminate toxins.
  • It develops joints’ mobility.
  • It helps correct a faulty posture. This benefit is important particularly for persons who spend most of their day at the office. It strengthens the immune system.
  • It helps to have healthier and beautiful hair. The scalp massage stimulates blood flow and thus hair growth.
The relaxing massage is also recommended to pregnant women. It can have a therapeutic role in case of pains or sore feet, and also a cosmetic role as it prevents stretch marks. 
60 minutesRON 170
90 minutesRON 255
10 sessions subscriptionRON 1200


  • Product added to paint: RON 150
  • Individual treatment short hair: RON 200
  • Individual treatment medium hair: RON 260
  • Individual treatment long hair: RON 350
Creativity without compromise! Protects hair both from the inside and the outside, so as not to be damaged by the process of dyeing or bleaching, as well as by the permanents. Advanced technology allows us to make use of the advantage of oxygen in a precise manner, for a larger openness and intense color, without using a more powerful oxidiser. RAV19 complex rebuilds the keratin structure areas destroyed by the multiplication and replacement of the 19 amino-acids which can deteriorate as a result of bleaching or dyeing.Performance of the treatment: one thing must be pointe out; treatments take long time and it is very important to respect the time shown for each product. Shortening the process will not damage the quality of the product, but will certainly affect your desired outcome. Please keep patience during the treatments, and as a bonus you will receive a 10 from us!

4 step Tecna Treatment

  • Short hair: RON 85
  • Medium hair: RON 110
  • Long hair: RON 150
  • Very long hair: RON 200
Anti-aging formula for the hair structure based on keratin amino-acids, aloe vera and phytokeratin. It regenerates the hair and gives it a healthy look. Extraordinary results in strengthening and lightness. Apply to pre-washed hair or after Mineral Base on wet hair and massage gently. Cuticle Builder treatment is part of the 4-step treatment from Tecna and includes Cuticle Builder Shampoo, Mineral Base and Nectar Antioxydant. SPA Enzymetherapy capillary restructuring products are designed to renew the structure of chemically treated hair. By this treatment, hair visibly improves its structure, gains elasticity and does not allow an excessive absorption of moisture. The treatment acts from the first application!It restores the lost natural glow and softness of hair, being a true panacea for treated, brittle and very damaged hair! Spa Enzymetherapy treatment is quick and customisable. This treatment is the first professional therapy that completely renews the damaged structure of hair and instantly improves its condition, restoring all the basic components present in it. The treatment was designed in the year 1998 and the success gained by this range is due to the combination of two specific factors:
  • immediate efficacy;
  • simplicity of product use.
These two major factors made the SPA Enzymetherapy line famous worldwide, both for professional and personal use. The line is made up of professional maintenance and preservation products.

Rebuilding treatment:

  • Short hair: RON 250
  • Medium hair: RON 300
  • Long hair: RON 400
Oway is the first line of hair treatments made with essential micronized oils, pure hydrolatum and plants grown biodynamically in Ortofficina km 0. We believe that the use of natural, healthy ingredients, rich in active ingredients without chemical treatments is healthier for our body and increases our well-being and quality of life. Pure oils, resins, waxes, butter and emollient vegetable to guarantee performance, but, also feeding and protection for hair. Blend of phyto-protein to reconstruct the hair fibre, improving the structure from treatment to treatment. Natural boosters and natural derivatives to give shine and health to your hair, over time. 100% biodynamic plants cultivated, extracted and micronized in Ortofficina (garden/lab), to ensure the highest concentration of active ingredients in the treatment lines for hair and scalp abnormalities. SLS/SLES, parabens, PEG/PPG/BG, mineral oils, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances were removed from the formulas. All OWAY ranges are scented with essential oils pool mixed scientifically. It is the first professional tricologic company in the world that chooses amber colour and aluminium glass to ensure quality, hygiene, naturalness and transparency.

Hair Botox Treatment

Deep regeneration programme that restores in the destroyed and depleted hair the essential components lost because of aggressive mechanical action (iron, aggressive styling), chemicals (dye and bleach, perms, flat iron straightening) and environment (pollution, oxidative degradation).Prices:
  • Short hair: RON 450
  • Medium hair: RON 600
  • Long hair: RON 750
New in Romania! Hair Botox is a cutting-edge technology that brings new innovations in the field of professional hair care products. Created specifically for the repair of damaged dry, brittle hair, Hair Botox rebuilds the hair from root to tip, prevents hair loss, breakage and dryness and restores radiance, smoothness and natural texture. Hair Botox is a treatment without chemical reactions based on natural ingredients - Keratin, Botox and Amino acids - in high concentrations, which can be applied repeatedly, along the length of the hair, at short intervals. Botox acts at the level of the second layer of the hair where, thanks to oxygen-based ingredients, acts so as to regenerate the hair thread from the inside, coating it on the outside in polymers. Thus, it restores the hair strength, finesse, naturalness, volume and shine. Hair Botox is a treatment for all types of hair, whether burnt, dyed, passed through repeated styling procedures or straightening treatments, even if the ends are split or if the hair is natural. It offers long-lasting brilliance! Kashmir Hair Botox Treatment is a treatment that feeds in depth, rebuilds the hair and prevents it from becoming frizzy.The secret behind the treatment which encourages absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins, thus giving the hair quality and natural texture. Hair Botox treatment also helps to repair the hair, preventing its loss. The essential elements, like acids, antioxidants, natural Keratin and Botox are highly integrated into a formula what straightens the hair and gives it shine, finesse and removes the split ends. Hair Treatment Botox helps to rebuild the hair thread and prevents hair loss. Dyeing, trimming and daily use of styling tools (brush, hair driers, iron) are hostile to the hair and dry the hair. With time, the lack of hair care treatment, excessive use of substances harm the hair thread, cause drying and discolouring and splitting of the ends. Products from the Kashmir Hair Botox range for hair care, like mask, shampoo, conditioner and serum rebuild the hair and restore its vitality. Hair Botox Treatment successfully replaces all of these processes and gets you rid of the problem. Hair and scalp, like the skin, need the same nutrients. Over time, our body loses nutrients, produces less Keratin and the absorption of minerals and vitamins also reduces. Using the Kashmir Hair Botox products, you rebuild the hair thread and render its brightness and shape lost over time.

Botox Valquer SBS DIVINITY EFFECT Treatment

  • Short hair: RON 220
  • Medium hair: RON 300
  • Long hair: RON 400
Treatment of stars, now in our salon. The difference between classic Botox, already known worldwide, and this product is the addition of collagen, vitamin B5, multi-protein formula, hyaluronic acid and double the amount of keratin, which can be found in the Valquer treatment. Execution time is up to 2 hours but the waiting will be worthwhile, please watch the video and see the difference between “before and after”.
NATURAL TEXTURE is a volume reconstruction and support system which does not affect the hair structure. It does not contain glycolic acid or ammonia, but CISTEAMINA HCI, a protein compound similar to the internal structure of the hair.The product scans the hair porosity and deposits proteins exactly where they are needed, from root to end. The curls will look natural and the hair will remain bright.*Data on the care of permanent hair will be offered by our stylist after completing the process. Prices displayed do not include washing and styling services.
Short HairRON 170 (up to 15 cm long)
Medium HairRON 2200 (up to 30 cm long)
Long HairRON 300 (up to 50 cm long)
Very Long HairRON 400 (more than 49 cm long)
LISSE DESIGN KERATIN THERAPYKeratin treatment for progressive straightening for all hair types.Prices:
Short HairRON 200
Medium HairRON 300-400 (depending on the volume of the hair)
Long and very long hairRON 500-600
Safe. Flexible. Effective.Design Keratin Therapy treatment line is especially made for creating straight, bright and easy to comb hair, thanks to innovative Keratin-based technology. 100% safe and in compliance with EC international norms, the treatment guarantees results lasting up to 3 months. Formula without Parabens and Formaldehydes.Active ingredients:
  • Kera-Collagen Complex A complex based on Hydrolysed Keratin and Collagen, ensures high durability in time of the smoothing treatment (up to 3 months). Under heat, keratin chains in the hair are remodelled and their structures are altered, straightening them, giving them perfectly straight shape.
Babassù oil Precious oil from the Amazon with extraordinary emollient properties. It makes hair soft, silky and shiny.